Phantoms In the Front Yard


Founded in 2010, Phantoms in the Front Yard (PITFY) is a Vancouver-based figurative artist collective focused on elevating the human figure’s role as muse in the Canadian contemporary art scene. The diverse collective features artists from a broad range of career stages, and takes a unique, collaborative approach to developing and exhibiting figurative work. PITFY shows take place in unusual settings and are shorter than typical exhibitions, creating excitement around figurative art for all, not just among academics and industry veterans.

Phantoms in the Front Yard


Michael Abraham, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Jay Senetchko,

Paul Morstad, Christian Nicolay, Bruce Pashak, Jonathan Sutton, and Caroline Weaver,

in collaboration with curator Pennylane Shen,
and select guest artists.

For each of our shows one group member artist proposes a theme that the entire group then develops work around.

The collaborative nature of this process continues to result in exciting work from exhibition to exhibition.

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